Reiki is love, Love is wholeness, Wholeness is balance, Balance is wellbeing, Wellbeing is freedom from dis-ease – Dr Mikao Usui

Reiki Services

Reiki Healing & Chakra Balance Consultation

Reiki is a non-invasive energy healing modality.

“Rei” means Universe/ God/ Creation and “Ki” means Energy/ Power (in other traditions you may also hear Ki expressed as “Chi” or “Prana”).  So Reiki is Universal Life Force Energy.

Channeling the life force energy of the universe – which is all around all of us all the time – Reiki Master Arwen Bardsley will provide you with restorative session to treat your body, mind and spirit – wherever you need it most.

Chakras are the 7 Energy Centres in the body that influence all aspects of your wellbeing – storing, regulating and distributing your own life force energy.  Chakra literally means “wheel”, so named because that is how these energy centres appear to those who can see them.  An open, balanced chakra will spin in a clockwise direction.  A chakra that is out of balance or closed may appear to be moving anti-clockwise or not in a circular fashion, or may be completely still.  Reiki Master Arwen works closely with these energy centres, encouraging them back into balance during your Reiki healing.

The flow of energy in the chakras may be influenced by physical, emotional and psychological aspects of your wellbeing, and can in turn have its own impact.  For example if you go through the breakdown of a romantic relationship, you may feel that your heart is “broken”.  The heart chakra may become unbalanced, and in turn your heart may feel like it is physically aching.  You may also feel like the world is an unfair place, people are generally bad and you are unable to ever love or be loved again.  Of course none of that is true but it is very difficult to get back on track with a chakra out of balance.

Reiki Master Arwen will consult with you at the start of your session about what you want to achieve from the treatment.  Generally the treatment is conducted with you lying on your back on a massage table.  If this is not comfortable or appropriate then your treatment can be provided in an alternative position, even sitting up.  You do not need to remove any garments other than shoes during a Reiki treatment.

Essential oils will be used aromatically during your treatment, unless you request otherwise.  Reiki Master Arwen will also provide a complimentary essential oil consultation during your session.

A Chakra reading will be done at the start of your treatment to provide additional guidance as to what areas the session should focus on. The Chakras will be energized and balanced during the treatment.

After your treatment, Reiki Master Arwen will discuss her findings with you and provide further advice about how to enhance your wellbeing.

This consultation takes 1 hour.

Reiki can also be used to heal in a different time or place.  Reiki Master Arwen offers Distance Reiki for yourself or a loved one (animals too!) no matter where they are.  Distance Reiki can also help to heal a past situation or manifest the future you desire.

Initial Reiki Healing & Chakra Balance Consultation


Your first one hour consultation consisting of 10-15 minutes consultation and 45 minutes treatment, followed by a debrief and advice session.

​Cash Price: $80.00

3 x Reiki Healing & Chakra Balance Consultation Value Pack

3 Consultations Including Initial Consultation $172.95
3 Standard Consultations $152.95

Reiki can be life changing and in an ideal world everyone would have a Reiki treatment at least once a week! Deciding to prioritise your own emotional, physical and spiritual wellbeing can be difficult in the go, go, go world we live in today.

This Value Pack gives you the motivation to ensure that you book in at least 3 healing sessions within 2 months. You save even more if you use this Value Pack for your Initial Consultation!

What you get:
​3 x One hour consultations consisting of 10-15 minutes consultation and 45 minutes treatment, followed by a debrief and advice session. Valid for 2 months from date of purchase.

Cash Price: $170 (including Initial Consultation) | $150 (standard consultations only)

Reiki Healing & Chakra Balance Standard Consultation


One hour consultation consisting of 10-15 minutes consultation and 45 minutes treatment, followed by a debrief and advice session.

Cash Price: $60.00

Distance Reiki – 45 minutes


Reiki can be used to balance energies in a different time or place.  Distance Reiki is based on the principles of quantum physics – everything is energy – and we are all made up of atoms of the same matter.  Unlike electricity the universal energy that we use in reiki is around all of us, all the time, so it can be ‘conducted’ anywhere.

If you are unable to attend an appointment in person we can send reiki energy to you, wherever you are.

Alternatively you may want to send healing energy to a different time – the past, or the future. Perhaps you need to resolve a childhood trauma. Or perhaps you really want to send energy towards a desired future for yourself, as a way to manifest it into being.

We treat our Distance Reiki sessions just like any other appointment.  You will need to schedule a time when you are able to be quiet, still and as relaxed as possible.  The first part of the appointment will consist of a telephone or Skype consultation so that Reiki Master Arwen can get a good understanding of your top wellbeing concerns.

When the consultation is over you just need to lie back and receive the reiki! Easy!